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Retrosaria Brusca

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Brusca is a breed and flock specific yarn. It is made of 50% Saloia and 50% Merino Branco and Merino Preto wool (native breeds from Portugal).

Saloia is the native sheep breed to the region of Lisbon and Setúbal. It is well documented since the 19th century as its wool was one of the finest available in the country. Saloia sheep have also become famous for their milk, from which the famous Azeitão cheese was traditionally made.

Brusca is made from the wool of free range sheep. Mulesing is not practised in Portugal. Brusca is grown, scoured, milled and dyed in Portugal.

Shades A, B, C and BC are natural (not dyed). Like all our yarns, Brusca is minimally processed and so is non-superwash and not bleached.

There are fourteen different breeds of sheep in Portugal. Some of them are critically endangered after being progressively replaced by foreign, more productive breeds. Retrosaria Rosa Pomar produces and sells yarn made exclusively from Portuguese wool. They create manufactured yarn in collaboration with small manufacturers, breeders associations and shepherds, and they also commission small batches of artisan yarns like which are scoured, teased, carded and spun by hand in small villages around the country.


Project Ideas:  Arbusto, Nuuk, Trolha, Bouquet Sweater, Manou


Composition: 100% wool
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Yardage: 137y/125m per 50g
Gauge: 19-21 st in 4"/10cm on 4.0-5.0mm
Care: Hand wash in cool water. Lay flat to dry 


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