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Katrinkles Journalling Templates

  • $10.95

Add some fun to your journaling with these crafty acrylic journalling templates. Each template come on a ball and chain and are sturdy and compact at approx. 2.5" x 2.5" They work best with a mechanical pencil or very fine tipped pen. Made in USA

The cat template features stencils of two cats and two feline faces to add a playful, or mischievous, attitude to your drawings. Plus there's a mouse, a paw print, and ball of yarn to help you create a variety of situations.

The list making template is designed for those for whom making lists is as important as checking things off, this handy tool gives perfect outlines every time. It's ideal for bullet journaling or listing out future projects.

The knit & crochet template has mini outlines of  sheep, needles, sweaters and accessories. Use this template as a fun way to journal your knitting projects.


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