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This book takes a look back at Danish knitwear designer and author Åse Lund Jensen, one of Denmark's leading knitting innovators from the 1940's through the 1970's. Åse believed knitted garments should have the same fit and finish as tailored garments and her knitwear patterns show a high level of artistic and technical skill. Åse worked with Danish spinners to develop new and more modern yarns that featured subtle colors inspired by plant dyeing from the Danish landscape. These yarns are the foundation of Isager yarns to the present day.

Åse recognized the talent and enthusiasm of young art student Marianne Isager, who took over the company in 1977. Marianne and her daugher Helga continue to honor and re-interpret Åse's work and develop new knitting techniques and patterns of their own. The 15 knitting patterns by Åse Lund Jensen, Marianne Isager, Helga Isager and Anette Danielsen showcase Isager's gorgeous line of signature yarns. Each pattern section is prefaced with an article about the knitting technique used: jacquard, texture, lace and eyelet, entrelac and spot knitting.

Along with these books we also received new colours of Isager Alpaca 1 and Alpaca 2.

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