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Brooklyn Tweed Tones

Welcome Tones, the newest Brooklyn Tweed yarn!  This worsted weight, 3 ply, woolen-spun yarn is 100% American Columbia wool, sourced from Wyoming, spun in Wisconsin and dyed in Pennsylvania. 

Starting with a light and dark heathered base yarn, traditional overdye techniques are used to create pairs of harmonious shades, Choose your favourite colour's overtone for a light, bright version of the hue, or its undertone for a deeper, more subdued variation.  One colour, two shades.

With a purchase of Brooklyn Tweed Tones you will receive a coupon which offers you access to a free copy of a Brooklyn Tweed pattern for either "First Colorwork Cowl" or "First Raglan Sweater". The sweater pattern is designed by Jared Flood and is a beginner friendly pullover knit in the round from the top down. A companion PDF includes tapered sleeves & shaped body variations.


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