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Retrosaria Brusca from Portugal

There are fourteen different breeds of sheep in Portugal. Some of them are critically endangered after being progressively replaced by foreign, more productive breeds. Retrosaria Rosa Pomar produces and sells yarn made exclusively from Portuguese wool.  Brusca is made from the wool of free range sheep of the native saloia breed, grown, scoured, milled and dyed in Portugal.

The rich colours of this rustic yarn are perfect for fall knits. Arbusto by Rosa Pomar, is a sweater knitted top-down in the round, in reverse stockinette, with just the right amount of bobbles all over! This pattern can be found in Issue 6 of Laine Magazine or on Ravelry.

If you prefer colourwork, Manou is a new design by Isabell Kraemer, just released this month and uses Brusca.





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